Surgery Clinics

Below lists the clinics that we provide here at Gordon House Surgery with our Nurses and Health Care Assistants, including the length of time allotted to each appointment.

If you would like to book one of these clinics, please book your appointment online, or contact us on 020 8799 5699.

Appointment Length
24hr Blood Pressure 20 minutes
Asthma 10 minutes
Baby Immunisations 20 minutes
Blood Test 5 minutes
Blood Pressure Check 10 minutes
Coil/Implant 20 minutes
Dementia Screening 10 minutes
Depot Injections (Contraceptive/Depixol/Modecate) 10 minutes
Diabetic Check/Review 20 minutes
Dressings 20 minutes
Ear Syringing 20 minutes
ECG 20 minutes
HRT 10 minutes
High Risk Diabetes 10-20 minutes
Injection – Tetanus 10 minutes
Injection – Travel (including Yellow Fever) 20 minutes
Injections – (EG B12, VIT D, FLU) 10 minutes
INR (Warfarin Check) 10 minutes
Learning Disabilities Annual Check 30 minutes
Mental Health Review 30 minutes
Minor Surgery Dependent on Procedure
NHS Healthchecks 20 minutes
Pill Check/Review 10 minutes
Pneumo Vaccine 10 minutes
Prostap 10 minutes
Reg Medication 10 minutes
Shingles 10 minutes
Smears 20 minutes
Spirometry/COPD/Reversibility 30 minutes
Suture/Clip Removal 10 minutes
Swabs (HVS/Chlamydia) 10 minutes
Whooping Cough Vaccine 10 minutes